About Lisa 

I am an intuitive that has been practicing the healing arts for over 28 years through bodywork and energy healing. I have been intuitive and sensitive to energy (empathic) since I was a child, and have always felt a deep connection with nature and animals (Thus, I also practice Animal Communication and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science). I also discovered I could see and connect with spirits as a child, and later learned to help them cross over.

Besides my intuitive abilities, I am trained in several massage and energy modalities, and as a Certified Yoga Instructor. I have worked with over 30,000 people from all across the planet through massage and energy healing sessions, (some of their names you would probably recognize, but I will keep their names confidential for their privacy).  I have also worked with many others through yoga classes and group sound healing.


In my private practice and classes, I combine different massage and energy healing techniques, such as craniosacral therapy, theta healing, access consciousness, reiki, healing touch, sound healing, aromatherapy, yoga, embodied/somatic movement, meditation and intuition to help people transform their bodies, as well as helping to clear and reset stuck or negative patterns, clear past traumas and stagnant energy, and balance the energy field and energy centers within and around the body. Through this transformation process, I help people remember and acknowledge the unlimited being that you are. In so doing, I help people feel safe  to create the life they desire, with clarity and peace of mind.  I understand that we are all healers and I am here to help facilitate and witness energy transformations through body, mind and spirit as we actively participate in our own healing on all levels of consciousness.


I am available for appointments in person (at my office in Santa Maria, CA), and for private yoga/movement and sound healing session at the Unwind studio, or through Zoom or conference call. I am also available for a clarity call at no charge to you, to answer any questions you may have, and discover how we can work together! 



Lisa Jay


About Becky

It all started in 2005 when Becky discovered and started enjoying the benefits of Pilates. In 2010 she decided she wanted to share her passion for Pilates and health and fitness with others and earned her Group Fitness Instructor certification from ACE. She earned her 200-hour certificate in 2011 and completed her 500-hour certificate in 2018, both through Yoga Alliance.


Along her path she has also received her certificate of completion in Mat I, 2, Barre and Reformer I from Balanced Body. 2014 brought her Children's Yoga certificate (95 hours) at HiYoga with Kelly Wood and most recently she completed 60 hours of training with Yoga For First Responders. She knows yoga can benefit everyone and uses a fun and playful approach with children, a strong, more direct approach with First Responders and an interactive, open approach with everyone. She prides herself on meeting the student where they are at and hopes that they will take yoga (and most importantly breath) with them wherever they go.

Becky Webb


About Candyce 

Yoga came into my life as a graduate school student. In 1994 I began attending several classes each week and yoga practice enhanced my health and well-being. My communications consultant clients, mostly arts organizations, stopped using my services in 2008 and after a couple of years of fruitless searching for employment, one of my teachers asked if I would sub her class. I sent her an email after the class and told her “I think I just found my new career!” And the rest is history. I became a yoga instructor in 2010 and embarked on the best career of my life.

Sharing the knowledge that has been passed on to me from many wonderful teachers I found my passion. Regardless of fitness or flexibility I believe everyone can benefit from yoga. Steeped in Traditional Hatha Yoga I specialize in multi-level, gentle and intermediate classes including Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Vinyasa, Guided Meditation, Self Healers and Relaxation. My classes are well-balanced, varied, informative and enjoyable. I am dedicated to my students and to helping them lead active, healthy lives.

Candyce Columbus


About Kimberly

Kimberly Klug received her certification (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance. She is a Mindfulness & Meditation coach. She uses restorative, gentle yoga and the power of Mindfulness to help people transform their lives. She began practicing yoga in Germany in 2005 during a stressful time in her life. After the first year of practicing yoga and meditation she experienced a profound transformation. Compassion for herself and others was overflowing. She had restored balance in her mind, body and spirit. Feeling completely inspired she decided to teach and guide others. Her wish is for others to experience the powerful transformation of Yoga.

Kimberly Klug


About Laura

My life quote is “she laughs with no fear of the future.” I found Yoga in 2005 during a very difficult time in my life. Not an athletic type – I felt I finally found movement that was challenging and satisfying. Yoga satisfied not just my physical body, but incorporated my mind and spirit. The breath work let me experience movement as well as achieving emotional balance. I am a 200RYT, trained by Mary Kay West in 2013, and completed my 500 hour Masters with Holy Yoga in 2017. I have received certificates in Yoga with Weights and Yogalates (yoga and mat Pilates) in 2021. I have been teaching yoga since 2014. During 2020, I wasn’t able to teach yoga because of a series of unfortunate events that actually helped me grow and focus on my own yoga journey as student and instructor. I just love Yoga and love to incorporate some playfulness and humor in my classes. 


Laura Gonzalez


About Lynnette

Lynnette Received her RYT 200 yoga teacher training with Prema Yoga. She specilaizes in Gentle, Restorative and Yin Yoga and is also a certified reiki practitioner. Lynnette loves the outdoors and hiking, and is also the mother of 2 sets of twin boys! Lynnette is great at helping people find balance and a sense of clam and relaxation. Join her classes to reset your energy and release tension and stress from the business of life. 

Lynnette Kufeldt


About Marilyn

Marilyn Mercado graduated at the University of Hawaii and taught Ballroom and Latin dancing for 15 years. She also danced Hula for fitness and fun. Over the years she taught, choreographed and prepared students for amateur dance competition, directed dance showcases, and practiced Yoga for health and wellbeing. In her 20's, her goal was to be healthier and stronger as she grew older, so she started practicing yoga. She then got certified as a Yoga Teacher and continued to study different styles of yoga, in order learn and teach creativity. Marilyn believes that learning never stops. The more she learns, the more she wants to learn.


After moving to the Central Coast about 20 years ago, she started teaching Ballroom and Latin dance, Hula, Yoga and Fitness classes to adults and children in the community & in schools. To connect back to her culture, she formed a Hula Dance group and choreographed dances to perform at Luaus and at various events and locations. Marilyn has also worked with children for 20 years and taught dance, fitness, creative movement, and study skills to them. After getting certified as a Sport Yoga Instructor, she complemented her dance career by practicing and teaching yoga to children & adults for health, flexibility, coordination, strength, and balance.


She attained her 200 hour teacher training certificate in April 2016 to further her studies. The same year, she went to Hawaii to attain her Yoga Educator Credential from YOGA ED to promote yoga to the public schools (K – High School). She continued her studies and attained a 300 hour certification in 2018, to strengthen and gain more knowledge as a teacher. Marilyn’s passion is sharing her love of teaching with others, and helping them in their journey of discovering themselves through dance, yoga, fitness, and movement. Her style of teaching is infused with playfulness and creativity which allows her to tap into her intuition.

Marilyn Mercado.jpg

Marilyn Mercado


About Patricia

Patricia has a passion for teaching students about the health benefits of Yoga. She graduated from her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification at Yoga Village in Arroyo Grande, and also has two certifications in Aerial Yoga. You can find Patricia teaching our stronger levels of Yoga classes, such as Vinyasa Flow and Yoga with Props. If you are looking to build strength and stamina, join Patricia in her early morning fusion class.

Patricia Graham


About Robyn

Robyn Hastin began practicing yoga in 1999 and she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2006 at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center. She completed her 500-hour certification in 2021 with Janet Stone. She is grateful to have studied with Janet as well as Erich Schiffmann, Peter Sterios, Paul Grilley and Constance Hart. She is trained in Color Energy Healing as well as certified to teach Yin, Prenatal, and Therapeutic/Restorative Yoga.


Robyn is a bhakta and kirtan leader who has played with kirtan groups The Bliss Project and the OmTonez and she occasionally supports Girish on harmonium. Robyn teaches an eclectic mixture of hatha yoga styles based on her personal exploration. In her classes, she uses a fun and playful atmosphere to allow students to explore freedom of movement as they develop intelligence and awareness of the bodymind through intention, breath and asana. Her favorite aspect of the yoga practice and lifestyle is its transformative nature, from the subtleties of the breath to the more obvious changes that occur in the bodymind and spirit.

Robin Hastin.jpg

Robyn Hastin


About Theda

Yoga became an important part of my life in 2013 when I left a high stress career in the helping professions to stay home with my children and regain balance in my life. I am a lifelong learner, so as I took classes I found myself wanting to know more and more about the practice of yoga. I entered a 200 YTT with Staci Curry, with the goal of learning about the inner workings of yoga and for personal development. What I found was so much more and I realized that my 200-hour study was just the tip of the iceberg of what I was searching for. I would like to share with my students my excitement for yoga and continue to grow in my practice from my experience as a teacher.


With a background in social work, I bring to my practice a trauma sensitive approach and a desire to meet my students where they are at on the mat. If you attend one of my classes you will find a gentle style, with the opportunity to challenge your mind and body in unique ways; while also learning techniques to regulate your nervous system and build resilience. I look forward to practicing with you soon.

Theda_Headshot_2 (1).jpg

Theda Parker


About Tina

I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe there was a greater force at hand, guiding me to take my first yoga class ever, after consistently saying “I will never do yoga!” for a few decades. My yoga adventure began more than 20 years ago and changed my life forever. That class was the first time in my life that I felt anything significant inside or out. I actually spent the first few decades practicing the art of numbness! Since that moment, my yoga and meditation practices have been an exciting invitation to embrace my body, my truth, and to empower others to connect with their bodies and their innate nature, their Inner BadAss!

I blend life experience, intelligence, acceptance, authenticity, breath, alignment, giggles, and love, to create a challenging illuminating experience. Whether the teachings come through my passion of meditation or vinyasa yoga, I wish them to be of benefit to all beings. My desire and clear intention is for people to leave my class empowered, with an openness to truth, and recognizing a spark in themselves that had been quiet or ‘lost’. I am not an asana (posture) teacher, I am a yoga and meditation teacher, and assure you will definitely feel your body during and after each class.

I remain a seeker of truth and knowledge so that I may be of service to myself and others. Along with nature, my kids and this life, some leaders and teachers that have inspired me along the way: Doug Swenson, Todd Norian, Lila Rasa Brown and various other Anusara Yoga teachers, Erich Schiffman, Adyashanti, and most recently, Gina Caputo’s Integrated Vinyasa™ Yoga at the Colorado School of Yoga. I began my seeking as a Registered Nurse in 1996 and evolved into an Integrated Vinyasa™ yoga teacher, acquiring acronyms and accolades along the way such as RN, BSN, E-RYT 200, RYT 500, and YACEP.

The truth, plain and simple, keeps me coming back to my mat, again and again. Not always what I want to hear, but it is extremely empowering and well worth the work. Sounds like quite an adventure, doesn’t it? See you on the path!

Tina Ventrella


We  are  all  Healers (you too)!

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