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Attitude of Gratitude Workshop on Zoom

                with Stephanie Foster

Saturday, December 5 @ 1pm-3pm









Saturday, December 5, 2020 from 1-3 pm
 Virtually through Zoom
Tuition: $35. 

Let’s create an Attitude of Gratitude this Holiday Season!!

• When: Saturday, December 5, 2020 1-3 pm
• Where: Virtually through Zoom

• Tuition: $35.
• Please register with Unwind Studio under the workshop tabs (at or at under Saturday's schedule).
After you register through mindbody, you will receive a confirmation email, then approximately 1 hour before the workshop, you will receive an email with the Zoom link .

Let’s create an Attitude of Gratitude!! This is a chance to unwind, breathe, and focus on yourself during this upcoming holiday season. This 2 hour workshop is an opportunity to rest, relax, and get your creative energies flowing. Allow your mind, body and spirit to celebrate with presence this holiday season. It’s never been more important to just be in the moment and focus on what’s really important for you.

This workshop will guide it’s participants in creating peace and gratitude this holiday season. All participants are asked to bring 1 item or symbol of the upcoming season. Choose some small item that reminds you of a unique holiday experience, or a loved family tradition or memory, something which helps you to stay in the moment during the rush, planning, and busyness of the holiday season. You will share this object and how it reflects the meaning of gratitude for you.

Our afternoon will include:

  •  Welcome, intentions and settling into stillness,

  •  Opening Circle to share your special objects/symbol

  •  Active yoga practice with focus on balance & grounding

  •  Creative project: A gratitude tree

  •  Pratyahara Sense Withdrawal

  •  Closing healing meditation 

This workshop is being offered online. Participants who attend by Zoom should have basic props available (bolster or pillow, eye cover and blankets). Also, please gather colorful construction paper (2-3 pieces) or any colored paper, scissors, and colored markers/pencils.

For more information, Call Stephanie Foster at (805) 815-5634

Or Contact Lisa Jay at (805)748-2539 or

Online Workshop : Community Sound Healing


Monday, September 7 @ 7pm-8pm


Healing Sound bath with 10 quartz crystal singing bowls! Allow the healing vibrations and sound of the quartz crystal singing bowls to relax and clear your body, mind, spirit and energy field of stagnant energies. Allow yourself to float with the frequencies to cultivate clarity and inner peace. The bowls help us to drop into the Alpha and Theta brain waves for deep relaxation and faster healing and transformation.


It's best to have a comfortable setting and use ear buds, ear phones or a good quality speaker to listen in. Make yourself comfortable and allow yourself to drop in and receive.  Once you register, you wil be send a confirmation, then 1 hour before the start time, you will receive a Zoom link to join the event. (You may want to add to your contacts to be sure the email doesn't go to your spam folder.)


If you'd like to donate a love offering toward this event, feel free to PayPal me at or Venmo me at Lisa Jay@LovElement